Algorithme Pharma USA


If you are looking for a challenging opportunity to excel in a dynamic and proactive environment, then you are at the right place.

Working at Algorithme Pharma allows you to demonstrate your expertise and make a difference by contributing to the continued growth and success of our organisation.

You may join us in a variety of roles in the following departments:
* Laboratory
* Clinical Operations
* Scientific and Regulatory Affaires
* Quality Assurance
* Project Management
* Business Development and Marketing
* Data Management
* Statistics and Biometrics
* Information Technology
* Administration

Company philosophy
We strongly believe in the core values that got us where we are today:
* Ambition
* Integrity
* Communication
* Collaboration

Every employee is encouraged to take initiative and to collaborate with others in order to get the job done right while maintaining a constructive atmosphere.

We believe in our team members, and empower them to get personally involved in all their projects. We encourage input to gain insight into the challenges that our teams face every day in order to foresee, avoid and overcome any potential pitfalls. In this way, we foster an environment of knowledge creation and maximize our efficiency with respect to our timelines.

We all have a common goal that touches us both as an organisation and as individuals: to be the best in our respective field. Above all, we recognize that our success is largely due to our key resource, the members of our team!

Working environment

We strongly believe that individuals need to balance their work and personal lives in order maximize productivity and involvement in both spheres. We recognize that harmonizing these two areas is different for each individual; that is why we have implemented a varied program to support each employee in achieving this goal.

Our flexible work program includes benefits such as:

* Flexible hours
* Personal days
* Paid time off
* Corporate rates for a variety of services
* Comprehensive benefits package
* Annual evaluation process in order to foster career patheing
* Complete training program adapted to each position
* Annual employee satisfaction survey