Dunn County Auditor

305 Owens

Dunn county was created by the 1883 Dakota Territory legislature and named for John Piatt Dunn, who opened the first drugstore in North Dakota and was a civic and commercial leader during the early history of Bismarck. The county government was first organized on February 10, 1908.  Dunn County is located in Western North Dakota. The surrounding counties are Stark, Billings, McKenzie, Mountrail, McLean, and Mercer. Towns located in Dunn County are Dodge, Dunn Center, Halliday, Killdeer, Manning and New Hradec. The county seat is located in Manning. The reason why Manning is the county seat is because there were early thoughts that the Northern Pacific Railroad was going to follow the Knife River but the railroad followed the Spring Creek instead. Dunn County was first established in 1908 after being added to and taken away from three other existing counties. The county has many attractions such as rodeos, hunting, Badlands, and The Scenic Highway. Population of Dunn County is 4,399 and is continually growing due to the recent oil field activity in the area. Dunn County experienced an "oil boom" back in 1976 which caused a big population growth that did not last long and everything went back to normal quickly. The county is known for its oil activity and agriculture. The landscape is mostly flat except in the badland areas and has few trees. The Dunn County Herald is the official newspaper of Dunn County and is published weekly.  

The Commission meeting has been postponed until Wednesday, March 22nd, so the Commission and elected officials can attend hearings on March 15th, at the Capitol regarding legislation that would have a significant impact to county government.